Thursday, March 11, 2010

R.L.Hearn Power Plant

R.L. Hearn Generating Station, built in 1951 and abandon in 1983. The plant burned coal, but as time progressed, some of the coal boilers had been replaced to burn natural gas. The Hearn plant also had the tallest smoke stack (705 ft) in all of North America, however it lost its title when the Inco Superstack (1,247 ft) was built in Sudbury. The Plant closed down due to a number of reasons. One being air pollution in the Toronto area and the slowly aging equipment. Since then this building has sat and battled with the elements. For one exploring this place, it really gives you an idea as to what it takes to produce power for our city.


Sybil said...

Marvellous images -- the last is my favourite. Are you still exploring ?

I'm in Halifax.

Mike said...

Dear Sybil, Thanks for the views and comments, its greatly appreciated. I do still explore, however I forgotten to update my blog. But I believe its time to start again