Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Whitby Psychiatric Hospital

Main hall to cottage 12. Rehab Center, built in 1918, with a cottage like system to keep the patents in a natural sun-filled, fresh air lifestyle. The intention was to replace 999 Queen Street West. The Whitby Psych was built in 1917 and 1918 by prison labor paying from 55 cents to one dollar and hour. It was used for a war camp for the solders in World War I. Later it was turned back into a Psychiatric Hospital in the early 1920’s. Time eventually took its toll the buildings and was later closed in 1996. Due to this a new one had to be built and so they did. Building one V-shaped building to replace the many old ones, which boasted a new Zink roof which lasts up to 100 years.

This place was finally taken down in the summer of 2005. Later, in 2006, the Power House and Laundry building were demolished as well. Only two cottages remain on site today, and will be restored some time in 2007. This place had 16 cottages to treat the sick and mental. One power house, two dining buildings, two Infirmary’s, a laundry building, stores, two acute pavilions, admin & receiving, cottage for the Dr., and last but not least a Rec. hall with a stage and gym.
The video for Billy Talent “Try Honestly” was shot in buildings #20 and #18

More Info about the Whitby Psych Also more of my shots here

Front of cottage 12, known as the Rehab Center.

Cottage 12 from the back, the small lake is where building 18 used to stand. The men’s dining room.
Looking out to cottage 22. The Doctors house, as well as a school for nurses (hmmmmmmm). Before demo I would be looking at building 18, the men’s dining building, and the left wing of the men’s Infirmary (#19).

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