Saturday, May 19, 2007

X-Power To The Silo-X

Some shots that I have taken from some time back. What I though was a power plant I later found out it was only a cement factory. A little to much security for a cement plant if you ask me.
Anywho enjoy...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Brickworks In The Light

Here are some shot's from the Brickworks once again. With HDR and lovely lighting that put this set to the top of my list, moving the bar up to a new level.
I took a morning out of my day to come back and see whats new. Not much has changed at all since I was last there. I was thinking that the crew had started to restore, but I don't think there planning to until another week or two. (But don't take my word on that matter) The place had been cleaned up meaning there wasnt much decay and was missing some character. Non the less it was a fun trip and I got some nice shots. That’s my day in a nut shell.

Any way
Enjoy this set for thee will be my last and my last will start my beginning.

“R.I.P. Don Valley Brickworks”