Monday, March 19, 2007

Assorted Homes

Shots take from a exploration this Sunday. More less to put it this way "assorted homes" As I might add this was one hell of a windy day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ringwood Maner

Ringwood Manner

“Built in 1876 by Barnabus Gibson, a prominent railroad contractor, Ringwood displays a composite of 19 century Canadian architecture styles. It was converted to the head office of co-steal international in 1976". This old house was made a historical monument, but after the fire demolishing most of the house any thing lies for the houses future…sad to see this lovely home go to such a waste and nothing is going to save it. Here are some choice pics taken sometime after the fire. . . Come. Step inside; Don't be shy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don Valley Brickworks

Don Valley Brickworks

These where taken in the morning of January 2007. What I like most about this place is the lighting, which gives everything a beautiful relaxing glow. Many explorers come here to photograph this place, and many more come here to express themselves with graffiti, which adds beautiful color to many of my shots.The Brickworks got its name by obviously making bricks. Many of the bricks for Toronto’s homes where supplied from this factory, making it a famous Toronto landmark. A large quarry is located just behind the factory, but now it’s only known as a cat walk for dogs and others to enjoy.
This place is going to be restored, which I think they should leave alone. This will cause the roof to be fixed, meaning that there will be no more magical beams of light shining down on the cold floor. We will lose all this beauty in decay. And think about all the people who spent time making the beautiful graffiti art work on the walls... it will all be lost, but this is only my opinion. You can look at this place how ever you want.
Here are some of my shots I have taken.
One of the fall apart offices in the brickworks

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