Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ringwood Maner

Ringwood Manner

“Built in 1876 by Barnabus Gibson, a prominent railroad contractor, Ringwood displays a composite of 19 century Canadian architecture styles. It was converted to the head office of co-steal international in 1976". This old house was made a historical monument, but after the fire demolishing most of the house any thing lies for the houses future…sad to see this lovely home go to such a waste and nothing is going to save it. Here are some choice pics taken sometime after the fire. . . Come. Step inside; Don't be shy.


CopySix said...

Great images !

~ CopySix

Ride My Pony said...

Wicked location and great set of photos. Love the 4th from the top, the stairs; great shot.

Laura said...

I guess they aren't making any big plans to fix up that one. Looks like it was beautiful before the fire.

Sarah said...

Where is this located?
your pictures look amazing!